Accounts Betaalbare Audit Support

Our expert services helps the leading AP audit recovery companies to streamline their processes by improving the work efficiency and TAT (Turn Around Time). Also, helping the companies to reduce the operating cost by up to 60%.

Transition of work to offsite resource center is a quick and easy process. Through a secured internet connection, the access to CMS is established. We get restricted the access to the folder/ drive dedicated for outsourcing. The work is completed by the team on the dedicated folder and saved for your final review.

Below are the niche services offered to Recovery Audit Companies:

  • Accounts Payable Analysis

    We have extensive experience in the meticulous analysis of supplier data which includes duplicate payment identification and verification.
  • Statements Analysis

    We have a trained and experienced team for reviewing and analyzing the suppliers’ statements of accounts to identify open credits.
  • Audit Call Center

    We have a dedicated team of multillingual experts to verify and recover double payments both through email and telephone.