Financial Services & Business Accounting Services

Global KPO is one of the leading Business Accounting Services & Financial Services Outsourcing provider to accounting firms and businesses globally for a long time now. We have a specialized accounting team to cater varied needs of accounting firms and business. We understand Financiën en accounting is the backbone for financial stability and success of a company. Accuracy and timely recording of all information is ensured if you are handing over back office accounting work to Global KPO. Though the process can be done as in-house operations, it will be expensive and needs experts to be hired. Instead of outsourcing these operations, you can concentrate on business requirements and regulatory or compliance requirements and we will handle end-to-end of Financiën en accounting processes.

Outsourcing your F&A back office work to Global KPO will help you in better strategic redeployment of staffs, help in making your accounting process more efficient and streamlined, give you enough time to focus on your business development and client servicing, and your business will get benefited with advanced technologies even without investing anything from your capital. Some of the core financial services offered are:

  • Bookkeeping

    We have been providing the Accounting Bookkeeping Service Outsourcing to accounting firms for a long time now. We have helped our clients to make substantial profits out of low margin back office work. We have experience and expertise on majority of software used in the industry, including Xero, SAGE, Quickbooks, Kashflow, etc. to name a few.
  • Year End Finalization

    We have experience in preparing accurate and reliable accounts for all business sectors and business sizes. We prepare quality accounts with rich excel working papers for your quick and easy review.
  • Tax Returns

    We provide expert tax return preparation services for - SA100 (Self-Assessment Return), CT600 (Company Tax Return), and SA800 (Partnership). Our team is well informed with the latest Tax updates and versed on leading tax software
  • VAT Returns

    We provide complete outsourced support for VAT returns for your clients and relieve you of the hassles of managing and administering the VAT backend work. VAT returns are prepared Monthly /Quarterly based on scheme adopted by the client.
  • Payroll

    Payroll management is a time consuming process and require a high level of accuracy and knowledge of applicable laws. We provide cost effective and efficient outsourcing solutions for all the payroll needs of your clients like weekly/ monthly payroll, creating pay slips, etc.
  • Order to Cash:

    Our financial services outsourcing “Order to Cash” manages working capital, processing, billing outsourcing, credit & collection service and cash application that streamline & improve the performance of cash function.
  • Procure to Pay:

    Business accounting service like vendor management for obtaining and handling raw material, document management, Invoice processing, supplier collaboration, disbursement alike are optimized with leading-edge technology & analytics.
  • Record to Analyze:

    A dedicated Record to Analyze outsourcing service is offered to cover the prompt recording of transactions to maintain accuracy and completeness. This empowers fast closing & improved compliance.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance:

    The approach evolves around offering specialized assistance in financial services reporting & tax, corporate governance, risk consulting & management, compliance with the laws, policies, and regulations.
  • Master Data Management:

    A holistic approach in business accounting services outsourcing is implemented to enable an organization to centralize the critical data assets to one master file for common reference. We offer robust MDM tools and processes that ensure prompt boarding of data, improve data accuracy & maintain quality.
  • CFO Analytics:

    The financial outsourcing solutions designed to empower CFOs by leveraging business accounting philosophy of making process structured, scalable and simple. An integrated analysis procedure and actionable insights are deployed to enable top-line growth.